Why Everyone Should Know Judy Greer’s Name

Everyone knows Judy Greer as “That girl from the movie/tv show,” and she knows it. But she has a name and she’s awesome.

Christopher Polk /__username__
Frazer Harrison /__username__

5. You probably know her as:

6. Like Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development:

8. Fern Mayo in Jawbreaker:

9. Lucy Wyman in 13 Going on 30:

11. Julie Speer in The Descendants:

12. And she’s playing Miss Desjardin in the Carrie remake:

13. She’s the best kind of famous because not a lot of paparazzi follow her, but she gets to hang out and work with awesome celebs:

Kevin Winter /__username__

Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon and Jason Segel

Christopher Polk /__username__

Michael C. Hall

Amanda Edwards /__username__

Shailene Woodley

Alberto E. Rodriguez /__username__

Emmy Rossum

Carlo Allegri /__username__

Jennifer Garner

Christopher Polk /__username__

Busy Phillips

20. She’s been on Broadway:

Andrew H. Walker /__username__
Andrew H. Walker /__username__

22. Joss Whedon even knows how amazing she is:

Ethan Miller /__username__ / Via vulture.com

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you want to? And what would you want him or her to do?
Judy Greer. And I would want her to be awesome.

23. She’s been acting for 16 years and has 86 credits to her name:

24. Which is more than the 39 Katherine Heigl has earned in the past 21 years.

25. More than the 45 Rose McGowan has earned in the past 23 years.

26. And more than the 44 Jennifer Garner has earned in the past 18 years.

27. So next time you see (or hear) Judy Greer on your screen, remember who she is:

29. Cause she’s awesome:

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