Why Everyone Should Know Judy Greer’s Name

Everyone knows Judy Greer as “That girl from the movie/tv show,” and she knows it. But she has a name and she’s awesome.

1. This is Judy Greer:

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images
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Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
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5. You probably know her as:

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6. Like Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development:

ID: 1170554

7. Cheryl Tunt in Archer:

ID: 1170357

8. Fern Mayo in Jawbreaker:

ID: 1170439

9. Lucy Wyman in 13 Going on 30:

ID: 1170549

10. Casey in 27 Dresses:

ID: 1170618

11. Julie Speer in The Descendants:

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12. And she’s playing Miss Desjardin in the Carrie remake:

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13. She’s the best kind of famous because not a lot of paparazzi follow her, but she gets to hang out and work with awesome celebs:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon and Jason Segel

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Michael C. Hall

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Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Shailene Woodley

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Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Emmy Rossum

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Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

Jennifer Garner

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Busy Phillips

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20. She’s been on Broadway:

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
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Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
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22. Joss Whedon even knows how amazing she is:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images / Via vulture.com

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you want to? And what would you want him or her to do?
Judy Greer. And I would want her to be awesome.

ID: 1171958

23. She’s been acting for 16 years and has 86 credits to her name:

ID: 1171377

24. Which is more than the 39 Katherine Heigl has earned in the past 21 years.

ID: 1171381

25. More than the 45 Rose McGowan has earned in the past 23 years.

ID: 1171387

26. And more than the 44 Jennifer Garner has earned in the past 18 years.

ID: 1172007

27. So next time you see (or hear) Judy Greer on your screen, remember who she is:

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29. Cause she’s awesome:

ID: 1171334

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