There’s A Fake Ryan Gosling Taking Over Detroit

Will the real Ryan Gosling please stand up? (via Mojo in the Morning)

1. This is Doug. He is not Ryan Gosling.

2. Even with sunglasses on, he is still not Ryan Gosling.

3. But people really thought he was Ryan Gosling.

6. It’s probably a good thing he wasn’t Ryan Gosling because things got creepy when people revealed their favorite scenes from The Notebook.

7. People couldn’t even see the difference when an actual picture of Ryan Gosling was in their presence.

8. For future reference Detroit. This is Ryan Gosling:

Patriot Pics /__username__

9. This is not Ryan Gosling:

10. Left: Ryan Gosling in sunglasses. Right: Doug in sunglasses.


11. Watch the whole video here:

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