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Rihanna Celebrates 420 With The Biggest Weed Cake Ever

Rihanna’s fans don’t just write her letters, they send her weed shaped cakes.

1. A fan sent this lovely cake:

“What did I do to deserve the epicness that is my fans??!!! @janiseeaileen gyal you a real top shotta!!!!! Thank you for lighting up my day, no pun intended!! #420Life”

2. Look how giant it is! It is bigger than Rihanna:

“#420 it’s a celebration bitches!! Thank you to all my ft. Lauderdale and Miami fam that came through #DWT #backstageLife”

3. Then she got a second 420 cake:

“K.O.D got me a #420 welcome #cake to pop my cherry! #whenwillyourfave”

4. But this isn’t Rihanna’s first tango with weed inspired cakes:

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