10 Reasons Troian Bellisario Is The Most Underrated Pretty Little Liar

While her co-stars are being featured on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, Troian is too busy being awesome.

1. 1. She understands the pain you’re going through after the “The Red Wedding” episode of Games of Thrones:

ID: 1233944

2. 2. When Ashley Benson tweeted this picture…

ID: 1233963

3. This was her response:

ID: 1233949

4. 3. This was how she prepared for the Mayan Apocalypse:

“End of the world impulse buy… So necessary.”

ID: 1234041

5. 4. She’s a lady of many talents:

John Sciulli / Getty Images
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8. 5. She has great style:

Jerod Harris / Frederick M. Brown / Valerie Macon / Frazer Harrison / Michael Buckner / Jason Merritt / Frederick M. Brown / Jason Kempin / Via http:/ / Getty%20Images
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9. 5. She can drive a motorcycle:

ID: 1234352

10. 6. She’s a friend to all the animals:

ID: 1234367

14. 7. She spends her free time on Tumblr:

ID: 1234532

16. 8. She isn’t afraid to be a little silly:

ID: 1234582

@keeganallen exposes my major mood swings https://t.co/IRx0srepqe

— Troian (@SleepintheGardn)



@keeganallen exposes my major mood swings https://t.co/IRx0srepqe

ID: 1234583

23. 9. Her character on Pretty Little Liars is the sassy and crazy Spencer Hastings

ID: 1234753

27. 10. She’s wonderfully talented:

ID: 1234913

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