11 Reasons Selena Gomez Is Going To Be An Awesome Big Sister

Selena’s mom, Mandy, just had a baby girl! Is it weird to be jealous of a baby?

1. She’s great with kids.

Joe Corrigan /__username__

2. Free Selena Gomez concerts forever.

3. Family friends include Taylor Swift, Ashley Benson and Demi Lovato.

Christopher Polk /__username__

Christopher Polk /__username__

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4. She has a wardrobe that should be passed down through the generations.

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Kevork Djansezian /__username__

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Christopher Polk

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Christopher Polk /__username__


5. She knows what to say in a moment of struggle.

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6. She knows that junk food can fix any problem.


Via: http://fuckyeahselenita.tumblr.com/post/27137815032

8. She played the best Disney Channel character ever, Alex Russo.

9. She’ll always be up for a dance party.

10. She’ll always make you laugh.


Via: http://fuckyeahselenita.tumblr.com/post/48103049972

11. Most importantly, she’s really close with her family.

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Fame Pictures

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