Mila Kunis Named “Most F***able Actress”

According to a poll by Details Magazine, Mila Kunis is more f***able than runner-ups Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. But no argument here.

1. Congratulations Mila Kunis! You are the actress in most peoples fantasies.

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2. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy. But it’s also hard to argue with.

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3. I mean have you seen Mila Kunis?

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6. Look at her!

ID: 1064633

11. Can we just be Justin Timberlake for one second?

Kevin Winter
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12. Or Natalie Portman?

ID: 1064762

13. So congratulations Milena Markovna “Sweet Lips” Kunis on your everything.

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Check out the rest of the story at Details.com

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