Lauren Graham Loves Jared Padalecki’s Biceps Of Steel

And so do we.

1. During an interview asking which of Alexis Bledel’s former on-screen love interests she’d date on Parenthood, Lauren Graham went with Padalecki for scientific reasons:

3. We can’t say we blame her, because look at these:

doeraymisha.tumblr.com / Via http://The%20CW

8. I hope he didn’t crush the baby:

KING / Mawson /__username__
JKING / Mawson /__username__

10. It’s like he doesn’t know how buff his arms are:

Confused, buff puppy.

11. I guess all those years changing the water bottle on The Gilmore Girls really paid off:

And awakened something in Lauren Graham.

13. Watch the entire interview here:

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