Julie Cooper’s Greatest Moments From The O.C.

In honor of Melinda Clarke’s birthday, here are all the reasons Julie Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Almost Roberts-Almost Bullit-Maybe Atwood was the most H.B.I.C character to grace The O.C.

1. Julie Cooper might have had some problems. Okay, a lot of problems.

ID: 1104949

2. But she was one of the funniest characters on the show.

ID: 1104994

10. Her friendship with Kirsten might have been one of the best friendships on the show.

ID: 1105312

17. Success!

ID: 1105338

18. She just wanted to be a cool mom!

ID: 1105343

23. She even had her great mom moments.

ID: 1105376

27. She ran Newport Beach.

ID: 1105390

29. She even went to college. Talk about character development.

ID: 1105408

30. Happy birthday Melinda Clarke! Stay badass.

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