Celebrities Bragging About Going To Coachella

You guys are rich enough to go to Coachella, we get it. We’ll be celebrating Couchella, so who’s jealous now?

1. Vanessa Hudgens

“Finally the day has come to go to Coachella. Free once again. So excited for the live music, the sun, the energy, and did I mention the live music ;)?”

ID: 1068500

2. Paris Hilton

ID: 1068577

3. Hilary Duff

“Coachella bound….”

ID: 1068533

4. Bella Thorne

ID: 1068570

5. Whitney Port

“Packing for #coachella. Oy. Wish I could be more low maintenance!”

ID: 1068539

6. Emma Roberts

ID: 1068582

7. Ashley Madekwe

“No rain this year… #coachella

ID: 1068589

8. Lindsay Lohan

ID: 1068615

9. Stephen Colletti

And away we go. #coachella

ID: 1068610

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