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    • Quixotic

      The family restrooms are often the only gender neutral restrooms available. It’s not a matter of feeling like you’re “too good to choose a bathroom,” whatever that means. A lot of trans people have ambiguous appearances that can make it hard for them to feel safe using either a men’s or women’s restroom. For example, a trans man who is still early in his transition may attract unwanted attention in the women’s bathroom because he has a masculine or androgynous appearance, but he may not pass as male well enough to feel comfortable using the bathroom with a bunch of cisgender men. “Family restrooms” can mean several different things, too. Some are multi-purpose single bathrooms that are designed to be more accessible to anyone who may have a hard time navigating the regular restrooms. Others are more specifically designed for parents with babies/toddlers and are less inviting for single adults.

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