Watermelon That Look Like Animals

Fierce fruit.

1. Selfish Turtle

The fruit is all mine!

ID: 1318909

2. Angry Stag

Take a bite out of me and I take a bite out of your face!

ID: 1318948

3. Swedish Shark

I only eat fish from my hometown.

ID: 1318952

4. Plump Hedgehog

Really gotta lose that water(melon) weight.

ID: 1318960

5. Scaredy Pig

You’re going to take WHAT from my WHERE?!

ID: 1318963

6. Delicious Dragon

Rather than my torso, may I suggest the Mu Gu Gai Pan?

ID: 1318976

7. Snaggletoothed TRex

Hook a Dino up with some braces!

ID: 1318980

8. Limbless Donkey

And the in the morning, I’m making nothing! Cause I don’t have arms!

ID: 1318988

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