7 Reasons Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D Proved He’ll Make A Great Dad

It was only a matter of time before a future guido or guidette was born out of a sloppy one-night smush, and it’s finally happened. Welcome to fatherhood, Pauly!

1. 1. He’s not afraid to show his emotions when it comes to friends

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And by “friends,” of course that means Vinny.

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5. 2. He’s just a small-town boy with small-town values…

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6. …maybe

It’s up for debate.

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7. 3. He appreciates other languages

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A regular Rosetta Stone.

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9. 4. He takes personal safety very seriously

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10. 5. He’s very passionate…about some things

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13. 6. When it comes to geography, he’s exceptionally gifted

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14. 7. Not to mention, the dictionary pretty much states he’d be the coolest of dads

Just look it up, okay?

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15. So, best of luck Pauly! Enjoy your new, precious meatball!

Yeah. Wear a condom next time, buddy.

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