16 Things Lana Del Rey’s New Album Will Make You Want To Do

Buckle up, because ‘Ultraviolence’ is a roller coaster of feels.

1. Run through a giant field of flowers in slow-motion

ID: 3177130

2. Twirl in slow motion

ID: 3177217

3. Actually, pretty much anything done in slow motion will do


ID: 3177243

4. Stand in the rain looking like someone just broke your heart

Umbrella optional.

ID: 3177146

5. Shed a single tear

ID: 3177251

6. Shed 7 billion tears

ID: 3177164

7. Paint with all the colors of the wind

ID: 3177206

8. Drive under a bunch of palm trees

West Coast best coast?

ID: 3177314

9. Swim with dolphins

ID: 3177392

10. Share a passionate kiss with someone

ID: 3177322

11. And then flip them off

Like I said: roller coaster

ID: 3177421

12. Bathe in money

ID: 3177368

13. Run free with a herd of unicorns

ID: 3177441

14. Throw glitter on your co-workers

ID: 3177457

15. Roll around in the ocean late at night

ID: 3177469

16. And most of all, it’ll really make you wish you were Lana Del Rey

ID: 3177510

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