10 Ways To Get Happy Fast

If you’re feeling down, the answer is actually right in the palm of your hand! Look no further than your own mobile phone for smile fodder, surprises, and a brighter day powered by these amazing apps and Qualcomm.

Stop debating what familiar song was playing in that store - find out exactly what it is with a single tap!

Discovering the universe is as easy as pointing your phone towards the sky.

You’re on your phone waiting for the bus to arrive anyways - imagine the magic of knowing exactly when it’ll show up, or what could happen when it finally does…

You can have a furry friend wherever you’ve been!

Likewise, you can even make music out of delightful meows.

Make every day as dramatic as your favorite fight scene.

Collages that come together with the wave of a hand.

8. Lisa Frank Pic n’ Share

Life CAN be sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows.

Boredom is no excuse - there’s a world to explore right around exactly where you are!

Open mouth, learn foreign language. Brilliant!

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