23 People Who Think That Hurricane Isaac Is A Biblical Signal About The Election

One hurricane can mean so many things to so many people. Especially when it’s heading straight through day one of the RNC. posted on


#Isaac,a" target="_blank">">#Isaac,a miracle child:God's promise to Abraham,to make descendants a great nation. Abraham: father/Israel. Think about it. #GOP" target="_blank">">#GOP


after Isaac is bound to an altar, an angel stops and tells Abraham "now I know you fear God" hope this storm has the same effect on the GOP


Ok Romney,God is sending Isaac as a sacrifice, and the RAM in the bush is Obama


Hurricane headed to tampa. Just more proof that God hates Romney. Run for cover.


Did GOP, Obama actions prompt Hurricane Isaac? Could Hurricane Isaac's disrupting of the Republican convention..." target="_blank">">


Hebrew Bible says Isaac is the only Son. Abraham and Sara had. Now he is planning to attend. GOP convention in Tampa


If this hurricane hits tampa during the RNC, it will be proof positive that God didn't want Florida's delegates slashed #sayfie" target="_blank">">#sayfie @DeanCannon" target="_blank">">@DeanCannon


God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac as a test of faith. Now He is sending Isaac to Tampa to sacrifice GOP to renew my faith. Sold #GOP2012" target="_blank">">#GOP2012


Possible hurricane headed to Tampa Bay during Republican convention. Proof that God hates closeted homosexuals.


I hope a hurricane directly strikes Tampa during the #RNC," target="_blank">">#RNC, as proof of God's displeasure with racism, misogyny, homophobia and naked greed.


Woops! Isaac is a tropical storm, not a hurricane. Proof god loves the RNC and it's gay-hating, misogynistic, anti-environment/science ways!


So,if hurricane Isaac tears the mofo roof off the #RNC,will" target="_blank">">#RNC,will the #GOP" target="_blank">">#GOP sacrifice Paul Ryan to appease their angry god? #science,notcreationism" target="_blank">">#science,notcreationism


Isn’t strange that the God of Abraham sent TS Isaac to Tampa to warn the GOP not to confirm Romney, a Mormon, as their nominee for president


@HuffingtonPost" target="_blank">">@HuffingtonPost why isn't Isaac a clear message from god to republicans? Seems they pick and choose just like their bible thumping!


Storm named Isaac (son of Abraham) stopped RNC and support for Obama from GOP Crist (Greek for Christos, i.e. Christ) Hmmm


Isaac coming to Florida is God's way of punishing the republicans and proof that god loves obamacare and Obama is doing what Jesus would do.


NEWS ANALYSIS: Potential hurricane Isaac may hit Tampa. Son of Abraham asking GOP to do the political equivalent of killing one's son? What?


Also, now Isaac's remnants look like they're going to hit MO or IL. I guess Jesus hates either Todd Akin or Barack Obama.


We predict that Hurricane's ABRAHAM and JACOB will be coming to the RNC CONVENTION SOON! The god of ABRAHAM ISAAC and JACOB is on our SIDE!


Tropical storm Isaac is going to hit Florida during the republican national convention. Looks like Jesus is voting for Obama. Shoot!


gotta appreciate the irony: god used #isaac" target="_blank">">#isaac to test Abraham's faith. now it's the GOP's turn.

Then again, there are always different viewpoints.


Obviously, Isaac is proof that God hates the secularist, elitist liberal academics scheduled to attend APSA in New Orleans next week.


@asymmetricinfo" target="_blank">">@asymmetricinfo Just as obviously, Isaac is proof God owns substantial economic positions in siding, roofing, and umbrella manufacturers.

The New York Times’s Nick Kristoff also weighed in:


Global warming may be linked to hurricane intensity. Do we see a divine reprimand of Republicans for climate skepticism?

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