26 Bizarre Old Indian Print Ads And Photos That Will Make You Wonder What They Were Thinking

So many facepalms.

1. Dilip Kumar…as a pickle

I know he’s a great actor and all, but do we really need to pickle him for it?

ID: 3163517

2. Cigarette smoking can lead to stupidly dropping food.

What anything in this ad has to do with cigarettes, we will never know.

ID: 3163528

3. The “big size family car” that’s smaller than this family of giants.

ID: 3163532

4. Nutramul turns wimpy kids into martial arts champions. So do steroids.

ID: 3163526

5. Conserving water was so scandalous.

Where was the censor board when this ad came out?

ID: 3163539

6. You must buy Surf because the angry aunty says so.

Also, why is angry aunty surrounded by vegetables but talking about detergent?

ID: 3163546

7. The Air India ad that could easily be self-defeating.

Translation: Our flights are way worse than the other airlines.

ID: 3163552

8. Angry Surf aunty again!

sowpar / Via pinterest.com

This time she’s telling you how much of a dimwit you are if you don’t buy Surf.

ID: 3213871

9. Children making meth?

Filled with chocolate pudding / Via filledwithchocolatepudding.com

Even the plant pot is shocked.

ID: 3244088

10. Vegetables as romantic props.

At The Edge / Via 8ate.blogspot.com

Photographer: You know what will look amazing? You posing with a cabbage.
Jaya: Yes! I won’t question that idea at all. #winningatlife

ID: 3213519

11. Shatrugan Sinha is annoyed that he’s finished the whiskey he’s supposed to be promoting.

Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 3163578

12. Buy a pressure cooker so the woman can keep cooking.

Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via imgur.com

…and she has “more time, more money for other useful work.” Prestige: keeping the woman busy at home.

ID: 3163579

13. The blandest ad ever for birth control.

Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via imgur.com

“To insure blind love risk” - What does that even mean?

ID: 3163582

14. Biscuits were a very serious deal.

Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via imgur.com

Gabbar Singh is not happy about these biscuits.

ID: 3163585

15. The heroic way to save the girl is by fighting in your underwear.

“The compact and precise designer brief with a real manly stretch.” Um, what?

ID: 3208190

16. The box of matches that will traumatize you.

ID: 3212050

17. OMG MY EYES!!!

Tikkle / Via tikkle.in
  • jumps off cliff screaming *
ID: 3216063

18. Where exactly are you tingling?

BCM Touring / Via bcmtouring.com

That look could mean so many things.

ID: 3236551

19. Bollywood stars ready to be baked.

Tikkle / Via tikkle.in

Why is there so much foil? Why is Govinda wearing the foil as a short dress? Who thought this was ever a good idea? So many questions!

ID: 3218120

20. The mother of Fair & Lovely.

FYI: Looking as white as the snow probably means you’re seriously ill and dying.

ID: 3235293

21. Must. Not. Drop. Sridevi.

A Sridevi / Via asridevi.blogspot.com

Is Jitendra in pain/discomfort/fear/constipation? We can only guess.

ID: 3216151

22. Campa Cola leads to awkward moment of kids kissing.

PKP / Via blog.pkp.in
ID: 3236569

23. A clean and refreshing soap advertised by a sweaty/messy Vinod Khanna.

PKP / Via blog.pkp.in

Isn’t soap supposed to make him cleaner?

ID: 3236578

24. Glamour bathrooms are for solitude and depression?

PKP / Via blog.pkp.in

Locking yourself in the bathroom when your “life is going to pieces” means you need help, not a fancy sink.

ID: 3236582

25. Pissing babies generally don’t make for appealing travel destinations.

Adloo / Via adloo.blogspot.com
ID: 3244122

26. And the most unsexy ad about making you feel sexy.

The Old Indian Arts / Via oldindianarts.in

Whose ideas was it to use a picture of scientists in a laboratory to bring back your vigour?

ID: 3236558

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