paul ogle
Passionate about all things web 2.0, advertising and social media. Working in the startup world for over 10 years, with a strong focus on Social Media
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  • Awkward Holiday Parties (Pics)

    Despite being toned down amid a shaky economy, vulnerable to sexual harassment cases, and sobered by the dangers of drunk driving, nearly 79% of companies are still having their annual holiday party. When hard alcohol used to flow on the house, and people would really party hard, these parties used to be the breeding ground for potential embarrassments and possibly worse.

    paul ogle 3 years ago 2 responses

  • Delusional, Tacky and Weird Coffee Mugs (Pics)

    There are many benefits to having your own coffee mug at work. Your days will get infinitely more interesting as you become known around the water cooler as the, “cool coffee mug guy/gal”. Your peers will be ecstatic you tell them you found a new mug with an even wittier saying than the last one. Unable to control themselves, they will stop by your cubicle to comment.

    paul ogle 3 years ago 1 response

  • Soul Crushing Cubicles (Pics)

    Across the globe it is fascinating to observe the acceptable working conditions that employees do their best not to complain about. With a majority of full and part-time workers working in cubicles, the International Facility Management Association states that 50 percent of workers say their bathroom is larger than their cubicle at work.

    paul ogle 4 years ago 5 responses

  • The Starcraft Economy (Infographic)

    Since its launch in 1998, StarCraft has sold an astonishing 11 million units. With the much anticipated arrival of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, the sequel to StarCraft, approaching we look at the successful history of the StarCraft franchise.

    paul ogle 4 years ago 1 response

  • WTF is HTML5?

    HTML5 is the next major revision of HTML and will be used for many new functions that will benefit web developers and Internet users alike. But, like, what the fuck is it? Here’s a breakdown. Click through for larger. View Image ›

    paul ogle 4 years ago 15 responses

  • 11 of the Best Paying College Degrees

    A college degree is essential for many of the high-paying careers in America, and, whether we like it or not, having money is extremely important to living a comfortable life. A nice house, supporting a family, and securing a happy future in retirement all depends on obtaining enough money to do so.

    paul ogle 4 years ago 1 response

  • 10 Hilarious Viruses, Trojans and Worms

    Virus, Trojan, Worm – the very words conjure up crossbones and skulls, the symbol of danger. These malicious programs are the scourge of the Internet, the proof that every innovative and useful technology has an equivalent downside – one that has the most adverse consequences at times.

    paul ogle 4 years ago 3 responses

  • 12 Geeks That Sold You Sh!t

    But recent years have seen the emergence of a new phenomenon — the geek spokesperson. Unpretentious, disarming and slightly awkward, geeks have the ability to penetrate our usual defenses against being pitched or preached to. As a result, brands and causes are increasingly seeking the support of such people. Below, we’ll profile 12 geeky spokespeople who have spoken out for various products and movements in the last several years.

    paul ogle 4 years ago 1 response

  • wtf


    Who needs trucknutz when you can have a carstache? It just feels good. It feels powerful. Your car has been naked until now. So strap on a ‘stache, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

    paul ogle 4 years ago 34 responses

  • The Internet Is Serious Business: 13 Internet Memes That Make Money

    From Leave Britney Alone to Billy Mays, memes on the Internet have served as more than just entertainment for compulsive e-mail forwarders, they have influenced and created business opportunities both online and off and given existing businesses a boost. Anytime you stumble upon a LOLcat or rickroll a friend, you are participating in phenomenons that have not only reached millions of people, but have helped make celebrities out of regular people. Memes provide us with comfort in knowing that anyone, anywhere can reach the masses at any given moment. In some cases Internet memes have led to big business, while in others opportunities vanished as soon as the next meme came along.

    paul ogle 4 years ago respond

  • Infoporn: the Best Jobs in America

    The recession brought a tremendous rise in the unemployment rate in America and many people are having trouble finding employment. However, there are many jobs to be had — and not just any jobs, some of the best companies in America are hiring. Depending on your skillset, degree and what you want from a job, some of the best jobs in the country may be on your career path.

    paul ogle 4 years ago respond

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