What It’s Like When All Of Your Friends Get Engaged

As told by Anna Kendrick and the cast of Pitch Perfect. Basically, it’s a roller coaster of emotions.

1. So there you are having an awesome day.

2. You’re happily browsing through your Facebook feed.

3. Thinking to yourself,

4. And then— out of nowhere— you see it.

5. That’s right, another one of your Facebook friends just got engaged.

6. You immediately begin cycling through a confusing, conflicting series of emotions. Beginning with,

7. Then you realize you should be happy for them.

8. But really inside you’re like,

You know, emotionally shot.

9. You’re trying to keep your cool.

10. But in your mind you’re like,

Does this mean you’re going to end up alone with 23 cats as your only companions?

You’re right. You’ll be fine. Time to make a game plan.

12. Because eventually you’re going to see this person IRL and you’re going to have to be happy for them.

13. You have to be surprised.

14. And smile a lot.

15. You can’t be bitter.

16. Or honest.

17. You can’t cry.

18. And when they ask you if you’re “seeing anyone” you can’t be like,

19. Instead be like, “Yeah, I can barely keep track of them all”.

20. She doesn’t need to know your dating life actually looks more like this.

21. And this.

22. And this.

23. And this.

24. You deserve a little credit here. After all,

25. You also like to exercise. Well, kind of.

28. At this point you may be thinking,

30. The solution is simple.

33. Yeah, I said it.

35. Okay this may be a little extreme, but you get my drift. Who cares if you’re single. Be free!

36. Good luck, single ladies!

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