What It’s Like When All Of Your Friends Get Engaged

As told by Anna Kendrick and the cast of Pitch Perfect. Basically, it’s a roller coaster of emotions.

1. So there you are having an awesome day.

ID: 943535

2. You’re happily browsing through your Facebook feed.

ID: 943591

3. Thinking to yourself,

ID: 943589

4. And then— out of nowhere— you see it.

ID: 943580

5. That’s right, another one of your Facebook friends just got engaged.

ID: 943335

6. You immediately begin cycling through a confusing, conflicting series of emotions. Beginning with,

ID: 943539

7. Then you realize you should be happy for them.

ID: 943374

8. But really inside you’re like,

You know, emotionally shot.

ID: 943280

9. You’re trying to keep your cool.

ID: 943342

10. But in your mind you’re like,

Does this mean you’re going to end up alone with 23 cats as your only companions?

ID: 943334

You’re right. You’ll be fine. Time to make a game plan.

ID: 943562

12. Because eventually you’re going to see this person IRL and you’re going to have to be happy for them.

ID: 943590

13. You have to be surprised.

ID: 943392

14. And smile a lot.

ID: 943473

15. You can’t be bitter.

ID: 943523

16. Or honest.

ID: 943479

17. You can’t cry.

ID: 943350

18. And when they ask you if you’re “seeing anyone” you can’t be like,

ID: 943406

19. Instead be like, “Yeah, I can barely keep track of them all”.

ID: 943386

20. She doesn’t need to know your dating life actually looks more like this.

ID: 943397

21. And this.

ID: 943294

22. And this.

ID: 943383

23. And this.

ID: 943548

24. You deserve a little credit here. After all,

ID: 943541

25. You also like to exercise. Well, kind of.

ID: 943304

28. At this point you may be thinking,

ID: 943337

29. So,

ID: 943344

30. The solution is simple.

ID: 943520

33. Yeah, I said it.

ID: 943527

35. Okay this may be a little extreme, but you get my drift. Who cares if you’re single. Be free!

ID: 943561

36. Good luck, single ladies!

ID: 943544

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