11 Movies Jennifer Lawrence Can Quote In Her Oscar Acceptance Speech

Because “I beat Meryl” was so Golden Globes.

1. A few weeks ago Jennifer Lawrence got everyone riled up.

ID: 880976

2. Because of this.

Everyone thought she was throwing shade at Meryl Streep.

ID: 880942

3. She was just quoting “First Wives Club”.

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4. To avoid further confusion, here is a list of movies J-Law might safely quote if she wins big at the Oscars.

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5. For more Bette Middler, there’s always the classic “Hocus Pocus”.

Hocus Pocus
ID: 880944

6. Or this— not Bette— but still classic.

Forrest Gump
ID: 880962

7. Perhaps a little Leo to inspire the crowd.

ID: 880947

8. Warning: this one may come off as a little “braggy”.

ID: 880952

9. But you know what?

Gone With The Wind

And neither should Jennifer Lawrence.

ID: 880945

10. But for humility’s sake, she could always go with a “surprised” theme.

The Princess Diaries
ID: 880950

11. “Bridesmaids” anyone?

ID: 880949

12. Oh, I know! “The Notebook”.

The Notebook
ID: 880958

13. Okay, “The Notebook” doesn’t make sense, but what a great movie, right?

The Notebook
ID: 880953

14. If I were Jennifer I’d keep it simple,

Mean Girls / Via gifemotions.tumblr.com
ID: 880955

15. You know nothing too dramatic.

Sorry Ace.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective
ID: 880957

16. Just the truth.

The Terminator
ID: 880948

17. And if she doesn’t win? Refer to Elle Woods,

Legally Blonde
ID: 880959

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