5 Reasons You Should Thank Whiny Liberals Who’ve Been Unsatisfied With Their President

A history of Democratic presidents getting pushed around by their utopian liberal whiner base on the Left has been very good for America. posted on

Jonathan Chait’s much-discussed New York magazine piece that chastised liberals for their unreasonable dissatisfaction with the Democratic presidents they elect made me go, “Yeah, so fucking what?” Here’s why:

1. The Nineteenth Amendment

After more than 50 years of activism by the women’s suffrage movement, Alice Paul and her band of shrill feminists finally pushed Woodrow Wilson and conservatives to allow women the right to vote—against the Founding Fathers’ ever-unimpeachable judgment—by amending the Constitution.

2. Social Security’s Universal Coverage

When Social Security was first proposed, almost two-thirds of all African Americans in the labor force and nearly half of all employed women were not covered due to FDR’s willingness to compromise with racist misogynists conservatives.

Thanks to pressure from those darned liberal activists, Social Security gradually moved toward universal coverage under President Truman.

3. Fair Labor Standards Act

Sure, FDR signed it in to law, but you can thank the Left for pushing him to get you a 40-hour work week, overtime, and those pesky child labor laws.

4. Civil Rights

After years of compromising with racist conservatives, Jack Kennedy acknowledged that Civil Rights demonstrations orchestrated by liberals had pushed his administration to consider a major reform bill for African Americans demanding equal treatment under the Constitution.

Thanks to this continued pressure, Lyndon B. Johnson convinced Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed most forms of racial segregation.

5. Repealing “Dont Ask Don’t Tell”

DADT and DOMA both became law under that dirty hippie Bill Clinton. Still pining away for voters who would never vote for him, Clinton compromised away gay rights to conservatives and pissed off everyone who likes to be on the right side of history.

Since then, constant pressure from pinko Will and Grace fans finally forced President Obama to repeal DADT, and now that Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and the District of Columbia allow marriages between persons of the same sex, shouts from the drum circles calling for Obama to repeal DOMA in his next term (should he get another shot) will be greater than ever before.

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