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    • RS

      Ahhh Buzzfeed. Forever seizing the opportunity to post Sensational and Biased articles. It gets old watching you guys play Devil’s Advocate in order to get your readers emotionally riled up.  “Man Shot And Critically Injured By Police During A Third Night Of Unrest In Ferguson”  What a Joke of a title! How about you stop creating click bait already.  Let’s be real about this. Any idiot stupid enough to walk up and point a handgun at an armed officer decked out in Riot Gear DURING a volatile protest, and in the midst of an already violent situation, completely deserves to get shot.  Don’t be stupid.  And Buzzfeed. How about you stop creating sympathy for this kind of stupidity by use of such misleading titles. Its stuff like this that makes the younger generations think its smart to do that kind of crap. Don’t make this dude look like a victim.  This is the reason everyone in this country acts like a victim, and like they’re owed something.

    • RS

      “Earlier Sunday, Chief Jon Belmar of the St. Louis County Police Department said the incident started when a Ferguson officer encountered Brown and another male on the street near an apartment complex. One male pushed the officer into his police vehicle, Belmar said.

      The men had a struggle inside the car, Belmar said, and at some point a man — it was unclear whether it was Brown — reached for the officer’s weapon. One shot was fired inside the vehicle.

      The fight moved outside the squad car and Brown suffered fatal gunshot wounds about 35 feet from the vehicle, Belmar said. The second person has not been arrested, and police are not sure whether he was armed.”

      Obviously the kid wasn’t “innocent”. But Buzzfeed hasn’t included this information in ANY of its articles because it loves to rile people up and divide, instead of reporting non-biased information.

      And if you know anything about the way our policing system works in this country, then you know that our officers are all trained to ‘Shoot to Kill’. And that means using more than enough bullets to make sure that happens. Let’s be real here, anybody minding their own business and obeying the law isn’t going to just get blown away by a cop emptying a clip in them while walking down the street.

      Let’s logically play this out. Police officer encounters two young guys. One young guy shoves him into the car and starts a tussle, reaches for the officer’s gun. Officer, reacts by shooting said guy, or shooting the innocent one who didn’t shove him into the car and reach for his gun? Obviously the first scenario makes more logical sense. And considering the other person involved didn’t even get arrested, I find it hard to believe that this young man wasn’t the one who shoved the officer and reached for his weapon.

      But somehow, this has turned into a race issue, and looting and setting things on fire becomes justified? These two guys broke the law when they attacked a police officer.

    • RS

      I wasn’t aware there was an established Government presiding over the lands of present day Israel before its establishment….ever. Of course the territory has changed hands a multitude of times in the past few thousand years, but until after WWII there was no world-recognized established governing body and no defined borders.  I’m pretty sure every nation in history has done the exact same thing—moved in on occupied land. If taking over occupied land (not by force mind you-but through negotiation via the United Nations)is means for a war, then that’s fine. But we’d better be ready to start supporting uprisings all over the world instead of just the Middle East. America did it, England did it, the Greeks, the Spanish… I’m not here to fight over the internet, I just wanted to give people a new point to think about. I can’t say I support all of Israel’s decisions or policies, but I know if Canada started launching Rockets over the Great Lakes claiming we owe them Michigan because the French-Canadians were there first generations ago….the whole world would laugh at that. So why is Israel wrong for defending its borders?  Not to mention, that tiny country is the only non-muslim state in the most radically Islamic part of the world. That same religious sect that has been wreaking havoc on all sides of the globe.  What this entire thing boils down to is this. Religion. Whether you’re religious or not is doesn’t matter. This confilct exists because of events dating backthousands of years. The people this entire issue involves are fighting over land, yes, but the principle behind their land ownership is tied to religous history. Isaac and Ishmael. The sons of Abraham. One was to father God’s chosen people (the Jews) and receive the Promised Land (Israel) and the other wasn’t.  That’s where it all starts. Now does that mean the citizens of modern day Israel are God’s chosen people? Some people believe that. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that this conflict is between Muslims and Jews. And it goes far beyond just sharing land.

    • RS

      Please don’t forget that Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist group, who’s core purpose is to destroy Isreal. The only reason this is a “massacre” is because Hamas lacks the same training, support, equipment, and facilities that Israel has. Were that a level playing field, do you honestly think that Hamas would not be launching an all out offensive to completely wipe out all Israelis, women and children included?  Yeah, its a shame innocent people are getting hurt. But remember, there is no peace to be had here. Hamas will never end its hatred for Israel because the idea of coexistence is non-existent.  Hamas is using the people of the Gaza Strip as human shields. What regime on earth would pursue peace with actions like those?  Like I said, its a shame the innocent are caught in the middle of this. But lets not get carried away here. If your nation was being attacked consistently for years by those around you, wouldn’t you defend yourself? Its not your fault the other guys are using their own people as a shield.