14 Ways Freelancing Is Just Like "Breaking Bad"

Love living on the edge between extreme wealth and utter poverty? Then freelancing may be the career move for you.

1. You’ll have to quit your regular job.

You are so better than this anyway.

2. But striking out on your own can be rewarding in and of itself.

You even land your first freelance assignment with your very first call.

I know, this isn’t technically from Breaking Bad, but do you really care?

3. You have earned this.

Freelancing is way more lucrative than any full time posish you’ve ever been in.

4. So you increase your lunch budget.

Not $5, not $20… $51 high roller.

5. You open a savings account.

Hey, a penny saved is a penny earned.

6. You treat all your friends to whatever they want.

You gotta share the wealth while you can.

7. You laugh more.

8. Until one day.

They let you go without any kind of warning whatsoever.

9. So you go back to the drawing board.

You can DO THIS.

10. Days go by.

11. Days turn into weeks.

12. Your reserves start to run dry.

Who did you think you are?

13. Until one day.

You get a call.

14. And then it starts all over again.

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