20 VHS Tapes We’ll Never Throw Out

Sooo many memories! So many movies we can’t get rid of. When you’re done reminiscing about the good old days, head over to Pop Secret Labs. You’ll find some new ways to enjoy movies and popcorn. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something else to reminisce about.

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The only thing better than this is its theme song.

ID: 1038895

You don’t get rid of your Heathers VHS…unless you had a brain tumor for breakfast. (Please note: Weird Science in the back—YES!)

ID: 1048426
poketastic / Via instagram.com

Even after the seventh sequel, we’ll still keep coming back to this.

ID: 1038886
Robert Pinney / Via instagram.com

It’s okay if this sits on your shelf and only gets admired. That’ll make it that much closer to being like one of the books.

ID: 1038603
daveyleee / Via instagram.com

Childhood dilemma: you want to put this movie in your time capsule because it is perfect, but then it will be buried underground where you can’t watch it.

ID: 1038907
hypoche / Via instagram.com

Sure, it’s now in 3D and getting a fourth movie, but if you hold onto this long enough it will become an actual fossil.

ID: 1038786
ohfuckitsaspen / Via instagram.com

There will never be a better movie about anthropomorphic appliances.

ID: 1040168
Kayla Marie / Via instagram.com

In the battle of Teen Witch vs. Teenage Witch, Louise always trumps Sabrina.

ID: 1040563
whiniebear16 / Via instagram.com

This is a national treasure.

ID: 1038620
selemene / Via instagram.com

It’s perfectly acceptable for adults to still sing “Colors of the Wind” and dance around their apartment.

ID: 1038801
Tom Paul Wilson / Via instagram.com

It’s fair to assume that all of these cassettes are cursed and throwing one out would anger it.

ID: 1039300
Aubree Lennon

Long haired Val Kilmer looks hot, Warwick Davis is awesome, and the movie’s centered around magic. Nuff said.

ID: 1039306
3cj30 / Via instagram.com

This is undoubtedly one of Spielberg’s greatest cinematic achievements.

ID: 1039377
katie_leigh09 / Via instagram.com

Party time! Excellent! (for ever and ever and ever)

ID: 1039368
demilybass / Via instagram.com

We’ll never stop fighting over which ranger we called dibs on.

ID: 1039391
jadeee_menaa / Via instagram.com

And that goes double for mutant turtles.

ID: 1039396
this_isaddy / Via instagram.com

Kicking all of the asses since we were young enough to get in trouble for saying “ass.”

ID: 1038589
leonardodicapriofan198725 / Via instagram.com

Their love could not be contained to just one cassette!!!

ID: 1039407
prathppt / Via instagram.com

“See ya later, Navigator!” (is a thing we’d never say to this tape because we’re keeping it forever)

ID: 1040703
Aubree Lennon

Where your khaki wishes and cookie dreams come true!

ID: 1039475

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