Sexuality Is Like A Bellybutton

Sexuality is a ridiculous thing. Gay, lesbian, bi, straight, homo, hetero.. They’re just words.

Think about it. Having a penis is having an ‘outie’. Having a vagina is an ‘innie’. I don’t think anyone can really look at someone’s genitals and be like ‘oh, that penis is very attractive’ so it’s clearly not an aesthetics thing.
The genitals don’t actually affect the personality, you can have someone with a penis who is girly and feminine and wears pink dresses, you can have someone with a vagina who shaves their head, straps their chest and wears camo everyday.

Imagine a parallel universe, where instead of genitals, sex was based on your belly button. Could you imagine saying to somebody ‘Oh no, I wouldn’t go out with that person. They have an innie belly button. I just couldn’t imagine myself being with an innie…’

See? It’s ridiculous. If we eradicate sexuality, we eradicate all the questions that come with it. You can like someone because they’re kind, they make you laugh, they take care of you, not because they have boobs or because they have a beard. You don’t have to worry about liking the opposite sex or the same sex.

You don’t have to explain to your kids that some people like innies and some people like outies. Everybody likes everybody. If Sarah and Jason are married, and Jason has a sex change to become a woman, Sarah doesn’t need to decide if shes straight, bi, lesbian or confused. She’s just Sarah.

Humans shouldn’t be put into boxes. I don’t want to be lesbian, bisexual or straight. Why are they my only options? Why cant I be everything? Or nothing? Life is not a game of Tetris, you cant just fit everybody in to these neat little boxes, because we aren’t neat. We’re rough and spikey with lumps and bumps and every one is different. Cut the boxes, motherfucker, and just chuck us all into the ball pit of life.

If you decided to be abstinent till marriage, to the point of not even seeing your partner in the nude, or touching their body, you wouldn’t even know if they were a man or a woman. And that’s a good thing. Love shouldn’t be based on whether you have a hole between your thighs or a bump. It should be based on what you see when you look into your partners eyes and what your heart does when they touch your hand.

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