• The Syrian Refugees Become Big Focus Of Louisiana Governor's Race

    In the final days of a contentious election, David Vitter's campaign has launched an ad about the Paris terrorist attack — and against allowing Syrian refugees into the United States.

  • Cornel West: Wake Up, Bernie Sanders Is The Candidate Of The Student Protest Movement

    The irascible professor from Princeton stormed Iowa for the irascible senator from Vermont this weekend. He was tough on Hillary Clinton, tough on the Democratic Party. And he’s convinced the campus protest movement is good for Sanders.

  • Justices Asked To Take Up Case Of Lesbian Parent's Adoption Rights

    In September, the Alabama Supreme Court held that an adoption granted years earlier in Georgia to a same-sex couple was "void." One of the women's lawyers calls the decision "glaringly, clearly wrong," and they are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up her appeal.

  • Bernie Sanders Still For Accepting Refugees, Slams "Racism" And "Islamophobia"

    Sanders rejected calls to put a freeze on accepting Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks Monday night. He also said his economically-focused campaign can go forward as planned despite the new foreign policy focuse.

  • State Department: Only 2% Of Syrian Refugees In U.S. Are Military-Aged Men With No Family

    "Our emphasis is on admitting the most vulnerable Syrians – particularly survivors of violence and torture, those with severe medical conditions, and women and children – in a manner that is consistent with U.S. national security."

  • Governors From Several States Say They Will Still Accept Syrian Refugees

    As several state governors announced on Monday that they would refuse to accept Syrian refugees, governors in Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Washington, and Colorado reaffirmed their willingness to resettle them.

  • Graham: I Will “Reassess” Campaign If I Lose In New Hampshire

    "You know, you've been a long shot all your life, and it's all about staying in there and hoping that you can connect with people, and that's what I'm going to do."

  • Rand Paul: "You Don't Have A Right To Pants"

    The Kentucky senator and 2016 presidential candidate says government doesn't create rights — to health care or pants — and calls Bernie Sanders' politics "the same philosophy of socialism that lead ultimately to the extermination of people."

  • Jeff Sessions, Few House Republicans Urge Tying Refugee Issue To Government Funding Bill

    The Alabama Republican wants to include a vote on funding the administration's refugee plans to the December funding bill that will keep the government open. Fifteen House Republicans have also called for defunding resettlement for refugees, and Speaker Paul Ryan isn't ruling out any options.

  • The Clinton Campaign Wants To Win The Latino Vote One Text At A Time

    From Marc Anthony concerts to debate night, the campaign is engaging tens of thousands of Hispanics across the country through texts.

  • Jeb Bush Says He Didn't Know What "Caliphate" Meant A Year Ago

    "Could you ever imagine a caliphate — I didn't even know what the term meant, literally, a year ago — a caliphate the size of Indiana, garnering energy each and every day because of our inaction?"

  • Obama Slams Republicans: "Not American" To Only Accept Christian Syrian Refugees

    After subdued remarks on Monday, the president tore into lawmakers who have said we should stop plans to accept Syrian refugees — or only accept Christian refugees — in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

  • Mike Huckabee Questions Existence Of The Poop Swastika At Missouri

    "They found some people who claimed to know people who claimed to have seen it, but couldn't find any names."

  • More Than Half Of U.S. Governors Say Syrian Refugees Not Welcome Now

    Governors in 31 states have all said they will stop or otherwise oppose accepting additional Syrian refugees in their states at this time.

  • Governor Of Alabama Says His State Will Refuse Syrian Refugees

    "I will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of Alabama in harm’s way," Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said in a statement Sunday night. Michigan's governor also said Sunday he will suspend the state's plans to accept more refugees.

  • A Federal Agency Inadvertently Just Gave Super PACs More Power

    On Friday, the FEC announced they are deadlocked on key issues of how super PACs can work with campaigns — and made one critical decision regarding candidates fundraising for super PACS. The net effect could be an even blurrier line between campaigns and these committees that can raise unlimited cash.

  • Martin O'Malley Once Invoked 9/11 To Attack Bush Budget Cuts

    O'Malley criticized Hillary Clinton on Sunday for invoking 9/11 to mask her ties to Wall Street.

  • Marco Rubio: "We Won't Be Able To Take More Refugees" From Syria

    Rubio said in an interview on Sunday that there's no way to background check refugees coming from Syria.

  • Jeb Bush: U.S. Should Focus On Christian Refugees From Syria

    In two separate interviews on Sunday, Bush said that he believes the U.S. has the responsibility to take refugees if they have been properly screened.

  • Hillary Clinton’s New Hit On Sanders: Health Care

    Clinton argued Sanders's 2013 bill to provide universal health care would eliminate Obamacare.

  • Sanders Doesn't Back Off $15 Minimum Wage — Even Challenged On Job Losses

    The Fight for 15 movement remains a popular protest cause across the progressive movement. Sanders maintained his support at length on Saturday night.

  • Clinton Campaign Pins 9/11 Remark Response On Twitter User

    "Have never seen a candidate invoke 9/11 to justify millions of Wall Street donations. Until now," a man wrote in a tweet later read during Saturday night's debate. The campaign's communications director argued after the debate that he had mischaracterized Clinton's remark.

  • Bernie Sanders Has A Fine Night In Des Moines

    The Democratic presidential debate, held in the hours after Paris, didn’t trip Sanders up the way it was supposed to. But his debate wasn’t flawless, and the game didn’t change.

  • Hillary Clinton Invokes 9/11 In Defense Of Wall Street Contributions

    "So, I represented New York, and I represented New York on 9/11 when we were attacked. Where were we attacked?" Bernie Sanders had challenged Clinton on whether the Wall Street contributions she receives influence her.

  • How The United States Screens Syrian Refugees

    There's a robust security process in place, but there are also legitimate concerns about vetting Syrian refugees.