• Hillary Clinton Tells Lena Dunham: "Like Everything I Do," Donna Karan Dress "Turned Out To Be Controversial"

    More interviews with Clinton. “I think we should do more, like, shoulder stuff.”

  • Congressional Dysfunction 101 With Bernie Sanders

    In Iowa, Sanders lays out his case for what's wrong in Congress, why John Boehner quit, and how to fix what he says is broken.

  • Clinton Campaign Accounts For Previously Undisclosed Petraeus Emails

    The campaign confirmed on Sunday that Clinton began using a personal email account in January 2009 — two months earlier than previously stated. Her records begin that March, an official said, when the account was moved to her home server.

  • Bill And Hillary Clinton Link Emails To Controversies Of The '90s

    Under questioning on Meet the Press, Hillary Clinton connects the email inquiry to "the same kind of barrage" she experienced in the White House. In a separate interview on Sunday, her husband argues, "We’re seeing history repeat itself."

  • Bernie Sanders’ New Campaign Surrogate: Pope Francis

    He talked about the pope at Liberty. He promoted the pope's speech. His office has sent links out comparing their messages. And in Iowa on Saturday, Sanders opened his speeches by reading and talking about Pope Francis.

  • New Emails Appear To Contradict Hillary Clinton Timeline

    Clinton aides have said she began using her personal email in March 2009. State Department officials say they now have an email thread with messages from that account by Jan. 28, 2009 — leaving an open question about what else is out there. State has no plans to ask for more records.

  • Virginia Executes Serial Killer Before Supreme Court Rules On Final Request

    Virginia executed serial killer Alfredo Prieto on Thursday evening. His lawyers had a Supreme Court request still pending relating to litigation that had been moving through the federal courts throughout the day.

  • Trump: Mexico Doesn't Like WASPs

    "They don’t want me. I don’t think I could become a citizen of Mexico.”

  • The Promise And Failure Of Speaker John Boehner

    If Boehner represented a bridge between old guard Reagan Republicans and the upstart hardline conservatives, his resignation is an acknowledgement that not only has the bridge been crossed, it’s been lit on fire.

  • Senator James Inhofe: Pope Wasn't Actually Talking About Climate Change Before Congress

    "To me, my interpretation of that it had nothing to do with climate change," said Inhofe.

  • This One Chart Explains Why Latinos Can't Stand Donald Trump

    Trump has made disparaging remarks about Mexicans and immigrants, but data given first to BuzzFeed News shows that Spanish-language giants Univision and Telemundo have covered him more than all other major broadcast networks combined.

  • House Conservatives Celebrate Boehner's Exit — But Don't Have Their Candidate For Speaker Yet

    "The victory isn't in the change in speaker," Rep. Matt Salmon told reporters. "It's in the change in direction. And I hope that we do that."

  • White House Not Holding Its Breath For Big Changes As Boehner Exits House

    Top aides to president Obama who worked at the White House through John Boehner’s speakership don’t know what exactly to expect when Boehner leaves. But they aren’t expecting much.

  • The Time John Boehner Personally Battled To Stop An Anti-Smoking Executive Order

    Outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner is one of the most famous cigarette smokers in Washington -- and when the federal government considered cracking down on smoking in the workplace in 1991, the Ohio Republican decided to take a stand.

  • Donald Trump Has Caused A Bitter Fight Inside A Hispanic Group That's Planning To Host Him

    The national U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce invited Trump to speak — and some local chambers really, really don't like it. "I don't see any reason why any credible Latino organization or leader would give Trump the time of day, much less a forum to speak to the Hispanic community."

  • Vice President Biden To Give Keynote Address At LGBT Group's Dinner

    After the staff, board, and volunteer leaders of the Human Rights Campaign hear Hillary Clinton speak on Saturday morning, Oct. 3, Biden will address the group's annual dinner that night.

  • Texas Is Making Its Own Execution Drugs, Oklahoma Inmate Alleges

    Many death penalty states have struggled to obtain a lethal injection drug that Texas has consistently been able to procure. In a filing Thursday in Oklahoma, lawyers provided evidence that Texas sent pentobarbital to Virginia in August.

  • Charity That Carly Fiorina Is Chairman Of Provided $18,000 In Goods To Abortion Group

    Good360, which provides charities with goods from businesses, donated $18,022 in goods to an affiliate of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which calls abortion "a fundamental human right."

  • Graham On Bush's Multiculturalism Comment: "Celebrating Our Diversity Is A Good Thing"

    "Here in Manchester, it's like the UN. Manchester, New Hampshire, is like Epcot Center."

  • Huckabee: Don't Admit Syrian Refugees Because They Might Be "Violent And Vicious People"

    "[W]e could be inviting some of the most violent and vicious people on Earth to come right in here and live among our families, and I think it's insane."

  • Vulnerable Senate Republicans Hunker Down As Democrats Start Shutdown Attacks

    The DSCC is already spending five-figures on digital ads on Facebook and Twitter, as senators like New Hampshire's Kelly Ayotte take to the floor to criticize conservative colleagues who want to defund Planned Parenthood.

  • Bernie Sanders: Pope Francis And I Agree On So Much

    The independent senator from Vermont says he and the pope are on the same page.

  • Donald Trump Has A New Target: Marco Rubio

    In South Carolina, as the Florida senator sees pick-up in the polls, Trump went after Rubio again and again and again.

  • Justice Scalia Says He "Wouldn't Be Surprised" If Supreme Court Ended Death Penalty

    In a speech Tuesday at Rhodes College, the conservative Supreme Court justice said that four of his colleagues think that the penalty is unconstitutional, The Commercial Appeal reported.

  • Bobby Jindal: "I'm Not Obligated" As A Catholic To Agree With Pope On Capitalism, Cuba

    "Whether it's about capitalism or global warming or immigration and they ignore when he says more traditional things on marriage or on being pro-life and on the sanctity of life and on religious liberty, you know — I'd be curious to see how the mainstream media whether they'll mention those things that he talks about."