• Congresswoman: Paris Attack A "Chilling Reminder" That We Need Tighter Gun Laws

    "These people used the kinds of weapons that are still available in the United States of America. And I think it ought cause us to have another consideration of sensible gun safety laws."

  • Huckabee: Obama Should Protect Americans Or "Step Down"

    "At some point at our leaders will quit pretending that this a contained effort. This is a JV effort and I wish the president would either step up and start protecting Americans or step down and let somebody do this job because he's clearly not up to it."

  • Feds Push Back On Governors Over Syrian Refugees

    Governors lack any real control over placement decisions in the "federal program carried out under the authority of federal law," as federal officials said Tuesday, but those governors could nonetheless frustrate efforts at resettlement within their borders.

  • Texas Executes Man Convicted Of Murdering Three Children

    Raphael Holiday was executed Wednesday for burning three children to death in 2000. Although the U.S. Supreme Court declined to stop his execution, a local judge withdrew the execution date. [Update: The appeals court, however, tossed out the local judge's order.]

  • Bobby Jindal Drops Out Of The GOP Presidential Race

    The Louisiana governor's campaign never gained traction in the crowded GOP presidential primary.

  • The Black Lives Matter Movement Is About To Jump Into The 2016 Marijuana Battle

    Marijuana legalization advocates want the support of Black Lives Matter activists in 2016. But a debate on tactics is brewing with legalization groups and Black Lives Matter activists who worry people of color are being left out of the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.

  • John Kerry: "Something Different" About Last Week's Terrorist Attacks "From Charlie Hebdo"

    "There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that," Kerry told embassy staff in Paris. Via Kyle Orton.

  • Sanders Campaign After SEIU Endorses Clinton: Move Along, Nothing To See Here

    Clinton was endorsed by the Service Employees International Union despite Sanders' devotion to the union's core political fight, a $15 minimum wage.

  • Rick Santorum: Don't Admit Christian Syrian Refugees Either

    "We should not be admitting either Muslims or Christians, and you'll say, 'whoa why won't you want to admit Christians, because in so doing we would be accomplishing exactly what ISIS wants to accomplish, which is to rid the area of Christians."

  • Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate's Oil And Drilling Ad Uses Stock Footage Of California

    "The oil and gas industry is the lifeblood of Louisiana's economy."

  • Ron Paul: Send Marco Rubio To Outer Space Where He Belongs

    "...he represents big banks, he represents the war profiteers, the people in the military-industrial complex. And he represents world government, because we have to take care of the world."

  • Benghazi Committee Member: Clinton Made Hearing Long So GOP Would "Look Cruel"

    "[W]e should have known that she was going to go on and just stall, debate, filibuster, on these answers to make it go as long as possible, so we would look cruel."

  • John Kasich Wants His Own Episode Of SNL That Everybody Hates

    Lawyers for Kasich filed a request with NBCUniversal on Tuesday for equal use of the NBC's facilities after Donald Trump's turn as Saturday Night Live host earlier this month. Via Shannon Bream

  • House Republicans Form Task Force To Deal With Syrian Refugee Question

    "So we think the prudent — the responsible thing is to take a pause in this particular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population," Speaker Paul Ryan said on Tuesday.

  • The Syrian Refugees Become Big Focus Of Louisiana Governor's Race

    In the final days of a contentious election, David Vitter's campaign has launched an ad about the Paris terrorist attack — and against allowing Syrian refugees into the United States.

  • Cornel West: Wake Up, Bernie Sanders Is The Candidate Of The Student Protest Movement

    The irascible professor from Princeton stormed Iowa for the irascible senator from Vermont this weekend. He was tough on Hillary Clinton, tough on the Democratic Party. And he’s convinced the campus protest movement is good for Sanders.

  • Justices Asked To Take Up Case Of Lesbian Parent's Adoption Rights

    In September, the Alabama Supreme Court held that an adoption granted years earlier in Georgia to a same-sex couple was "void." One of the women's lawyers calls the decision "glaringly, clearly wrong," and they are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up her appeal.

  • Bernie Sanders Still For Accepting Refugees, Slams "Racism" And "Islamophobia"

    Sanders rejected calls to put a freeze on accepting Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks Monday night. He also said his economically-focused campaign can go forward as planned despite the new foreign policy focuse.

  • State Department: Only 2% Of Syrian Refugees In U.S. Are Military-Aged Men With No Family

    "Our emphasis is on admitting the most vulnerable Syrians – particularly survivors of violence and torture, those with severe medical conditions, and women and children – in a manner that is consistent with U.S. national security."

  • Governors From Several States Say They Will Still Accept Syrian Refugees

    As several state governors announced on Monday that they would refuse to accept Syrian refugees, governors in Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Washington, and Colorado reaffirmed their willingness to resettle them.

  • Graham: I Will “Reassess” Campaign If I Lose In New Hampshire

    "You know, you've been a long shot all your life, and it's all about staying in there and hoping that you can connect with people, and that's what I'm going to do."

  • Rand Paul: "You Don't Have A Right To Pants"

    The Kentucky senator and 2016 presidential candidate says government doesn't create rights — to health care or pants — and calls Bernie Sanders' politics "the same philosophy of socialism that lead ultimately to the extermination of people."

  • Jeff Sessions, Few House Republicans Urge Tying Refugee Issue To Government Funding Bill

    The Alabama Republican wants to include a vote on funding the administration's refugee plans to the December funding bill that will keep the government open. Fifteen House Republicans have also called for defunding resettlement for refugees, and Speaker Paul Ryan isn't ruling out any options.

  • The Clinton Campaign Wants To Win The Latino Vote One Text At A Time

    From Marc Anthony concerts to debate night, the campaign is engaging tens of thousands of Hispanics across the country through texts.

  • Jeb Bush Says He Didn't Know What "Caliphate" Meant A Year Ago

    "Could you ever imagine a caliphate — I didn't even know what the term meant, literally, a year ago — a caliphate the size of Indiana, garnering energy each and every day because of our inaction?"