Classic Holiday Health Shenanigans—and How The ACA Can Help

Ah, the holiday season: A time for family, friends, celebration, presents…and those mishaps that can only happen during the holidays. You never know—so get yourself covered for whatever comes your way.

1. Health insurance used to be too expensive for a lot of people to buy on their own—so if you got sick or hurt, you’d face big, scary medical bills.

2. But the ACA’s new plans will be more affordable. So you can get covered for less—no more premium rate-shock or monstrous payments.

3. And once you’re enrolled, you don’t have to worry about not getting care or going bankrupt if there’s an…um…incident.

You can’t say no to a triple dog dare.

4. We understand—accidents happen.

5. But having health insurance means you can go to the doctor or hospital when you need to…

6. …without having to worry about the pain of medical expenses, too.

The only thing worse.

7. Plus, getting regular care now can help prevent major health issues down the road. Preventive care is covered under the ACA—from birth control to checkups to cancer screenings—with no additional cost to you.

8. We know that signing up for insurance can be confusing and frustrating, but don’t be afraid—

9. We’re here to help.

Planned Parenthood has launched a website to help you figure it all out—learn about the health law, compare plans and find out how much financial help you can get, and get everything you need to know about enrolling in your plan.

11. Enjoy the holidays. Whatever shenanigans you get up to…

12. (…no matter how dramatic…)

13. …when you’re enrolled in Obamacare, you’re covered.

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