3 Totally Unique DIY Wreaths

From headbands to t-shirts, you can make wreaths out of a whole lot more than pine trees. Here are three ideas for holiday wreaths that won’t shed all over your floors nearly as much.

If you want to put something on your door in honor of the holidays, a wreath is an obvious go-to. What’s less obvious — and way more of a conversation piece at your cocktail parties — are wreaths not made with traditional fall foliage. After all, your home isn’t a department store, so you don’t need to make it look like one. So, onward for the Craft Wars wreath challenge!

First up, Sarah and Tiffany from Offbeat & Inspired make a minimalist white wreath with t-shirts.

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Follow these easy steps to do the same in less than hour.

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need two heavy duty paper plates, small rubber bands (or clear hair elastics if you want to ensure the bands are completely invisible), any kind of tape and scissors, and a t-shirt (or several — they can be all white as shown or colorful).

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Cut out the centers of the two paper plates.

ID: 656362

Sandwich the plates together and tape them on opposite sides.

ID: 656363

Cut out a long strip of T-shirt about 3” wide. The length needed will vary based on your plate size, but if you cut the strip too short, don’t worry — you can always add another strip if you run out.

ID: 656367

Tape one end of your t-shirt strip to the plat. Wrap the shirt around the plates until they are completely hidden.

ID: 656374

Cut out 8” x 3” strips of t-shirt to use for the “bows.”

ID: 656386

Wrap one of these strips around the wreath. You should wrap this first one over the loose end of the long t-shirt strip used to cover the plates. Tie the ends of the short strip together using a rubber band/elastic.

ID: 656390

Pull the two ends apart to form a “bow.” Tuck the edges down to form a bow/flower shape, hiding the rubber band/elastic.

ID: 656398

Keep on making bows until you have the arrangement you desire. Leaving some random spaces in between the bows will make the arrangement look more organic. You could also cut some 1.5” x 6” stripes to make smaller bows/flowers scattered between the larger ones.

And you’re done! This elegant wreath would pop against any colorful wall.

ID: 656404

Next up, Christine from The Plumed Nest created a live wreath out of succulents.

ID: 656412

Here are the steps:

Collect what you’ll need: a wire wreath form, succulents (indoor or outdoor), greening pins, fishing line, Sorghum moss (available in craft stores), and dirt.

ID: 656422

Get a pail or bowl of warm water and place moss in it.

ID: 656428

Take your succulents out of the container and remove all excess dirt, just exposing the roots.

ID: 656430

Make a work station for assembling your wreath. You’ll probably want to work outside and lay down paper bags since this gets quite messy.

ID: 656434

Lay a layer of your moss down in the dip of your wreath frame. Make sure you squeeze the excess water out of your moss before you lay it down.

ID: 656438

Next, add a layer of dirt. Then place one more layer of moss on top of the dirt.

ID: 656442

Wrap it all together with the fishing line to keep it in place. Be sure to cut a very long piece of line so you can just wrap it in one go and tie the ends together.

ID: 656448

Flip the wreath over to the back (the side the is raised a bit) and place a layer of moss on that side as well. Wrap with fishing line again.

ID: 656449

Lay out the succulents around your wreath to give you an idea of how you want them placed. Poke holes to place the roots in. To secure the plants in place, use the greenery pins around the base of the plants.

ID: 656452

Once you have completed assembling your living wreath, let it dry overnight to get rid of any excess water. To care for it, just spritz with water once a week.

ID: 656459

Finally, Natalie from Natalme makes a colorful wreath out of hair elastics.

ID: 656464

Cute, easy, and inexpensive! Here’s how she did it.

Buy your supplies. You’ll nee a wire wreath form (you can get these at Hobby Lobby for about $3), five packs of headband elastics (the ones shown are from Forever 21 and cost $1 each, a glue gun, and scissors.

ID: 656472

Cut the headband elastics open so they are long individual pieces. Start glueing an elastic on the backside of the wire frame. Wrap the entire elastic, and glue the end to the backside of the frame as well. Wrap the elastics tightly together.

ID: 656474

Because of the circular shape, you’ll have gaps around the outer edge of the wreath. Just keep wrapping.

ID: 656475

After you have completely filled the circle, take a contrasting color and wrap a second layer to cover the gaps at the top of the wreath. You will not need full length pieces for your secondary layer. Cutting the elastic headbands in half pieces should be long enough.

ID: 656476

Make a hanger from a leftover elastic, and hang on the wall! A modern, multi-color addition to any room.

ID: 656477

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