The Guide To Hosting A Kick Ass Party For The Big Game

So, you’re planning on throwing the ultimate Game Day party. Pillsbury wants you to be the host with the most by throwing a shindig to die for. By whipping out some simple party tricks, yours can be an all out trendsetter! posted on

Regular sized game day snacks might work for the average party, but if you plan on throwing the ultimate shebang, why not go all out?

Perhaps you can order the 3-foot-tall, 319-pound, 540,000-calorie ridiculous burger, which is now available for mail order from Mallie’s Sports Bar in Southgate, Michigan. For only $2,000 plus shipping, you’re guaranteed to have more than enough food.

Or how about trying to recreate the world’s largest plate of Nachos?

A couple of simple decorations go a long way. Make it a party your friends will remember by creating an awesome atmosphere.

Regular TVs, keg holders, and coolers have nothing on these awesome devices.These geeky game day gadgets (say that three times fast) are sure to be the ultimate crowd pleaser.

9. Disco Ball Keg Holder

10. RC Beer Cooler

11. Beer Tap System with LCD TV

Aside from the game itself, this is one event that’s all about the food. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice of snacks. Your guests will thank you.

13. Football Pizza

15. Touchdown Guacamole

17. Devilish Chicken Wings

19. Snack Stadium

During the big game, no one wants to be responsible for annoying party tasks that could result in missing a second of the action. Here are a couple of party hack devices that will make game day that much easier.

22. Remote Control /Bottle Opener

23. Pizza Scissors

24. The Chip Handler

25. Trongs

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