These Puppies Are Breaking Up With You

Need to break up with your significant other and want to do it gently? Send them this.

1. Hi.

ID: 1058777

2. This is tough to say…

ID: 1058781

3. But the person that sent you these puppies wants to break up.

ID: 1058783

4. You might be pretty shocked to be getting this news.

ID: 1058786

5. I’m sorry.

ID: 1058788

6. These puppies are sorry.

ID: 1058791

7. Your soon-to-be ex is sorry.

ID: 1058798

8. No one planned for it to happen this way.

ID: 1058802

9. It’s just that, well, you’ve been growing apart lately.

ID: 1058805

10. You want different things. (And that’s okay.)

ID: 1058824

11. You’ve felt it, too. Admit it.

ID: 1058812

12. This might be tough. So take comfort in your friends and family.

ID: 1058827

13. This puppy and your now-ex want you to be happy.

ID: 1058831

14. Things might seem messy now, but it’s gonna be okay.

ID: 1058833

15. Try to think positive.

ID: 1058834

16. Now you can finally do all those things you never had time for.

ID: 1058837

17. And those things that annoyed you about your ex? You don’t have to worry about them anymore.

ID: 1058842

18. See? This isn’t all bad.

ID: 1058846

19. You’re gonna come through this stronger than ever.

ID: 1058849

20. You’ll move on.

ID: 1058852

21. It’s for the best.

ID: 1058856

22. Now, this has probably been rough on you. So here is a bonus puppy:

ID: 1058859

23. Good luck.

ID: 1058869

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