Animals Offer You Advice On Starting Your New Job

They just want you to do well. You’ve worked so hard to get here!

1. This baby baboon wants to remind you to pack a healthy lunch.

2. This dashing fellow says you should dress for success.

3. This smiley guy thinks you should make an effort to be friendly with your new coworkers.

4. This baby elephant wants you to keep a positive attitude.

5. This kitten thinks you should join professional organizations and networking groups.

6. This bird says you should take notes on the first day.

7. These bunnies don’t want you to be afraid to ask questions.

8. This dog thinks you should meet with your manager to talk about expectations.

9. This tamarin says you should update your LinkedIn profile.

10. This tiny squirrel suggests that you avoid office gossip.

11. This orange kitten thinks you should listen more than you talk.

12. This dog says you should keep an open mind.

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