16 Cats Drinking From Cups

No matter what type of cat you own, they’re all after one thing: your freshly poured glass of water.

1. Serious skill and determination.

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2. Classy cats hold out for tea parties.

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4. These kittens are the tea party!!!

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ID: 1089607

5. Not only does this kitten prefer iced tea, she sips from a straw to boot!

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ps that Starbucks was not cheap kitty..

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6. This long-haired fellah enjoys a healthy dose of vitamin c.

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ID: 1089631

7. Mmmmmm Calcium

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8. While other cats prefer their glass have a little more bite to it.

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9. And then…there’s this:

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10. When the glass is too big and the head is too small, a helping hand goes a long way.

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ID: 1089743

11. That is, of course, unless you don’t mind getting your mittens involved in the action.

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Now the drink is definitely contaminated. Who knows where tomcat’s been all night and what those paws have seen.

ID: 1089750

12. But this little one is a lady, and would never resort to stealing someone’s cup of joe feet first.

ID: 1089764

13. Nothing is more gratifying than having a friend witness your master water thieving skills in action.

ID: 1089787

14. Seriously. It’s awesome.

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ID: 1089792

15. Perfect execution.

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ID: 1089826

16. But in the end, this is why cat owners can’t leave cups of water unattended. Cat cooties!

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ID: 1089841

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