Easy Mode, A Song For Gamers With Lives

Or that just like to look at boobs.


this song is for all those who play on easy, but not because they suck
[verse 1]
when I was just a little bit younger
I had time to be torn asunder
but now at this point in my life
I got a job, maybe kids, or a wife

I want to know what happens, want to know what goes down in this game
I want to know the tale, the plot, the ending, hope the resolution isn’t lame
Every second counts, every load screen, every single battle that I lose
I’m a bit ashamed - but I play for story - so I choose

I choose a way to win
And you best know right what it is

Easy Mode, it’s a way of life
you chose it when you have less time
said Easy Mode, yes I’ll plead the fifth
I’m not a noob there’s just boobs to play with

[verse 2]
on multiplayer, I’m trouble. I ain’t on easy cause I’m in a bubble.
I kick ass when I want, but if the narrative is hot, want to get through on the double
I’m tired of magazines, sayin’ very hard’s the thing
take the average grown man and ask him that, he’s gonna take some flack

from those that find out or those that know, but he’s not putting on a show
there’s interest in what happens, but I don’t want have to to go
without knowing what happens next, I don’t care who objects
cause I love me some video games, but I also love me some sex
yo I ain’t fuckin’ around
yeah I don’t need to be crowned
just want to see the end, how it was penned
got other shit I that must attend

Halo, Mass Effect, Uncharted
picked easy mode when I started
Final Fantasy, Dead Space
playing for story not to rock your face

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