The 24 Things Every Vegan Knows To Be True

Because we’re sooooooooo smart…

1. You’ll never forget this moment:


3. When you found out Oreos were vegan, you were all like:

4. When you’re hungry on a road trip, few sights make you happier than this:

5. All your friends “could never go vegan.”

6. Going vegan is way easier than people think.

Yeah, way easier than that.

7. It’s spelled, “Chick’n.”

8. Nutritional yeast goes with everything.

9. Tofu is the other white meat.

10. But cooking it is an art and a science.

11. You love food more than any of your friends.

12. Nothing saps a paycheck like a trip to Whole Foods.

13. You can read ingredient labels in the blink of an eye.

14. Carmine color is crushed beetles.

15. Vegenaise tastes WAY better than mayonnaise.

16. Hummus is the party fail-safe.

17. You’re totally going to get a Vitamix someday.

But they cost many dollars.

18. You know the joy of meeting another vegan …

19. And the disappointment of learning that they eat fish.

20. And sometimes you feel alone …

21. Like no one understands you …

22. But then you remember that there are more vegans now than ever before …

23. And how good you feel every time you sit down to eat.

24. Yeah, being vegan is pretty cool.

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