The 24 Things Every Vegan Knows To Be True

Because we’re sooooooooo smart…

1. You’ll never forget this moment:

ID: 1683719


ID: 1683778

3. When you found out Oreos were vegan, you were all like:

ID: 1683784

4. When you’re hungry on a road trip, few sights make you happier than this:

ID: 1683800

5. All your friends “could never go vegan.”

ID: 1683813

6. Going vegan is way easier than people think.

Yeah, way easier than that.

ID: 1683819

7. It’s spelled, “Chick’n.”

ID: 1683824

8. Nutritional yeast goes with everything.

ID: 1683829

9. Tofu is the other white meat.

ID: 1683835

10. But cooking it is an art and a science.

ID: 1683841

11. You love food more than any of your friends.

ID: 1683854

12. Nothing saps a paycheck like a trip to Whole Foods.

ID: 1683863

13. You can read ingredient labels in the blink of an eye.

ID: 1683867

14. Carmine color is crushed beetles.

ID: 1683870

15. Vegenaise tastes WAY better than mayonnaise.

ID: 1683879

16. Hummus is the party fail-safe.

ID: 1683886

17. You’re totally going to get a Vitamix someday.

But they cost many dollars.

ID: 1683892

18. You know the joy of meeting another vegan …

ID: 1683899

19. And the disappointment of learning that they eat fish.

ID: 1683908

20. And sometimes you feel alone …

ID: 1683910

21. Like no one understands you …

ID: 1683971

22. But then you remember that there are more vegans now than ever before …

ID: 1684004

23. And how good you feel every time you sit down to eat.

ID: 1684006

24. Yeah, being vegan is pretty cool.

ID: 1684011

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