PETA’s Giant Condoms And 9 More Fuzzy Costumes

When we’re not naked, we’re covered head-to-toe in mascot costumes.

Chickens killed for McDonalds don’t look much healthier, especially when converted into “nuggets”.

PETA’s “elefriend” speaks up for elephants enslaved by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

Until cats and dogs condoms hit the shelves, PETA’s giant condoms encourage spaying and neutering.

A PETA parrot exposes Petsmart’s cruelty to animals.

Happy National Puppy Day! Save life & adopt a pup!

PETA’s bear crashes a party for William & Kate, reminding them to end the Ministry of Defense’s use of bear skins.

And if this sign doesn’t persuade anglers, PETA’s whale could ask overcompensating rod holders if they have small rods?

If no one hears a cow scream in a slaughterhouse, does she still suffer?

Pigs and cats get their revenge against University of Michigan for cruel and unnecessary experiments.

These creepy grins hide outrage against Armani for using fur in its clothing line.

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