The 12 Types Of Vegans

Do you know one of these? Are you one of these?

1. The Cheating Vegan

“I just couldn’t resist the craving.”

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2. The Junk Food Vegan

“It’s so weird but I’ve actually gained weight since going vegan.”

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3. The Instagramming Vegan

“DON’T EAT! I have to Instagram this!”

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4. The Vegan Police

“Is that sugar made with bone char?”

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5. The New Vegan

“So, like, can I still eat peanut butter?”

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6. The Raw Vegan

“The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live.”

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7. The Jacked Vegan

“Powered by tofu.”

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8. The Doesn’t Get it Vegan

“I’m vegan except for milk in my coffee, fish, the occasional BLT, cheese, and ice cream.”

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9. The Hippie Vegan

“Don’t eat a cow, man.”

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10. The Middle-of-Nowhere Vegan

“One Big Mac, hold the meat, hold the cheese.”

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11. The PETA Vegan

“Meat is murder. Dairy is rape.”

ID: 1214757

12. The Hipster Vegan

“I was vegan before it was cool.”

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