Where Should You Live In Canada?

Because we’ve all threatened to move there at some point.

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    2. iStock
    3. iStock
      Blue Jay
    1. iStock
    2. iStock
      Red Fox
    3. iStock
    1. iStock
    2. iStock
      Arctic Fox
    3. iStock
      Grizzly Bear
    1. Getty
      Arcade Fire, “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”
    2. Getty
      Neil Young, “Harvest Moon”
    3. Getty
      Feist, “1234”
    1. Sloan, “Money City Maniacs”
    2. Getty
      Drake, “Started From the Bottom”
    3. Hulton Archive
      Joni Mitchell, “All I Want”
    1. Leonard Cohen, “Famous Blue Raincoat”
    2. Getty
      Justin Bieber, “Baby”
    3. Getty
      Grimes, “Oblivion”
    1. Smoked Meat Sandwich
    2. Nanaimo Bar
    3. Kraft Dinner
    1. Bannock
    2. Poutine
    3. Lobster Roll
    1. Moules Frites
    2. All Dressed Potato Chips
    3. Flipper Pie

    1. Getty
      Seth Rogen
    2. Getty
      Mike Myers
    3. Getty
      Rachel McAdams
    1. Getty
      Avril Lavigne
    2. Getty
      Ryan Gosling
    3. Getty
      Nathan Fillion
    1. Getty
      Celine Dion
    2. Getty
      Ellen Page
    3. Getty
      Sandra Oh
    1. Canadian Maple
    2. Blueberry
    3. Dutchie
    1. Apple Fritter
    2. Cruller
    3. Old Fashioned Glazed
    1. Chocolate Glazed
    2. Maple Dipped
    3. Sour Cream Plain

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