Taylor Swift Video Extras, From Least Stoked To Most Stoked

Some people are just kinda happy to be in the video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and some people are THRILLED.


This guy is just kinda whatevs because he’s playing the guy Taylor is breaking up with, and everyone hates him.


He’s the guy in the band who isn’t totally on board with the whole furry animal suits thing.


Autoharp bear dude is playing it cool.


This guy is either really feeling Taylor’s pain, or someone punched him in the crotch. Let’s assume it’s the former, for his sake.


She’s having fun. Not a lot of fun, maybe a little self-conscious. But she’s definitely having fun.


Squirrel girl is sassy!


Awww, look at the smile on this guy!


This girl can’t believe how lucky she is to be jumping up and down in a Taylor Swift video. She is living her dream.


This guy starts off stone-faced, but it’s a fake-out. He goes from zero to full-on goofball in just a few seconds. He is dazzling.


This is the happiest dude on the planet. We all can only aspire to the joy this man conveys in every frame of this video. He should have his own video.

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