15 Times Superman Was A Terrible Friend

Jimmy Olsen, it’s time to get a new pal.

1. You better have a good excuse for this, Superman.

DC Comics
ID: 3188758

2. Jimmy’s dad may be a criminal, but he’s obviously not trying to torment his own son.

DC Comics
ID: 3189239

3. And here’s proof that Superman is definitely NOT a better father figure.

DC Comics
ID: 3025192

4. Is this meant to be tough love?

DC Comics
ID: 3025230

5. The worst part of this is that you can tell from the skeleton that Superman has played this sick game before.

DC Comics
ID: 3025155

6. In fairness to Superman, that is a really bizarre scam Jimmy’s caught up in.

DC Comics
ID: 3188746

7. What a clever disguise, you slave driving jerk.

DC Comics
ID: 3188749

8. Batman, get away from Superman! He’s a bad influence on you.

DC Comics
ID: 3188752

9. Superman seems relieved, doesn’t he?

DC Comics
ID: 3188755

10. This isn’t totally mean, but why does he assume Jimmy would be as big as the least popular Beatle?

DC Comics
ID: 3188796

11. This is not mean, but it’s very enabling…

DC Comics
ID: 3189241

12. …especially when Superman refuses to let Jimmy lose any of that weight.

DC Comics
ID: 3189240

13. And hey, let’s give Superman the benefit of the doubt and assume he hasn’t figured out to fix situation this yet…

DC Comics
ID: 3189275

14. …but maybe he just doesn’t know how?

DC Comics
ID: 3189246

15. Superman is a terrible matchmaker.

DC Comics
ID: 3025299

But you know what? As bad as he is to Jimmy, he’s even worse to his girlfriend Lois Lane.

DC Comics
ID: 3189413

You are the worst, Superman.

ID: 3189454

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