Gucci Mane Announced A Name Change But Then Immediately Changed His Mind

It only took a half hour for him to realize that fans were not into him being called “Guwop.”

1. Gucci Mane started off the morning with a big announcement.

2. But his fans immediately freaked out…

@gucci1017 we won't hear again dat "guccci " we love so much

— kiridrug (@Aneho Lomé Togo®)

.@gucci1017 shut the fuck up son

— fivefifths (@Tupac Chopra)

@gucci1017 I've been a fan since day one.... Don't change ya name, bruh, i'll be upset

— Baambataa (@King James II)

In response to that retweet, are you serious Gucci? @gucci1017 don't change your name dude, please.

— Real_NPM (@Nathan Morris)

10. A half hour later, he changed his mind.

I am officially NOT changing my name to Guwop it will officially stay Gucci Mane due to my Fans' response.. Trap House 3 & Juug House July 2

— gucci1017 (@Gucci Mane)

11. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing when fans step in to veto potentially awful decisions?

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