9 Wonderfully Bonkers Moments In G-Dragon’s New Video

“미치GO M/V” is more proof that no one makes better (or weirder) videos than G-Dragon.

G-Dragon’s video for “미치GO M/V” is colorful, funny, and totally weird. Also, the song is totally amazing.

ID: 1099188

1. But why is a leather-clad G-Dragon being spanked by spooky doll-faced parents?

ID: 1099271

2. And what is up with these other doll-faced people?

ID: 1099178

3. Why are they so obsessed with feet?

ID: 1099147

4. Like, seriously, was this directed by a next-level foot fetishist?

ID: 1099221

5. Seriously.

ID: 1099183

6. But there’s also this whole other situation on a subway with a big pink elephant head…

ID: 1099164

7. …and this chaotic library scenario…

ID: 1099174

8. …and some good old fashioned street punk dance fighting.

ID: 1099144

9. Oh! Oh! And lasers.

ID: 1099170

The lasers are totally the best part.

ID: 1099411

Like, look at the gun! Those are LASER G’s.

ID: 1099420

Never change, G-Dragon.

ID: 1099424

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