14 Classic Albums Reimagined As Books

British designer Christophe Gowans answers the question: “What if best-selling albums had been books instead?”

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Are You Experienced?”

ID: 896562

2. Kraftwerk, “The Man-Machine”

ID: 896568

3. Patti Smith, “Horses”

ID: 896561

4. Prince, “Purple Rain”

ID: 896576

5. The Beach Boys, “Pet Sounds”

ID: 896571

6. PJ Harvey, “Let England Shake”

ID: 896575

7. Bob Dylan, “Blood on the Tracks”

ID: 896578

8. The Beatles, “Abbey Road”

ID: 896580

9. New Order, “Power, Corruption, and Lies”

ID: 896582

10. Bruce Springsteen, “Born to Run”

ID: 896579

11. Queen, “A Day at the Races” and “A Night at the Opera”

ID: 896581

12. The Killers, “Hot Fuss”

ID: 896586

13. George Michael, “Faith”

ID: 896587

14. Michael Jackson, “Bad”

ID: 896590

You can find several other designs, plus product descriptions of the imaginary books, at Christophe Gowan’s website. Some of the designs have been issued as screen prints and postcards at The Rockpot.

ID: 896591

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