11 Adorable Rock History GIFs

A guy named Josh is turning classic music moments into 8-bit animations, and it’s wonderful.

1. The Beatles Record “Abbey Road”

ID: 708061

2. David Bowie Releases “Aladdin Sane”

ID: 708052

3. Led Zeppelin Get All Hobbit-y On “IV”

ID: 708053

4. The White Stripes’ Video For “Hardest Button To Button”

ID: 708080

5. Prince Changes His Name

ID: 708042

6. Bob Dylan Goes Electric At The Newport Folk Festival

ID: 708057

7. Kiss Break Big With “Alive”

ID: 708068

8. The Flaming Lips Start Using That Crazy Bubble Ball Thing

ID: 708072

9. Weezer’s Video For “Buddy Holly”

ID: 708093

10. The Ramones Play Their First Gig in 1974

ID: 708074

11. Michael Jackson Debuts The Moonwalk

ID: 708076

There are plenty more – and more to come – on Josh’s Tumblr blog, Music History in GIFs. Follow it!

ID: 708097

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