11 Things Rats Get Up To On Their Day Off

They’re just like you… only tiny.

1. Jam with friends

ID: 1260840

2. Instagram photos of their pets

ID: 1260839

3. Take up a new hobby… Spend a fortune on supplies and get bored within hours

ID: 1260843

4. Try to explain to their mother - for the 40th time - why they’re still single with no children

ID: 1260845

5. Drink tea and talk to the cat… Wish they weren’t so very alone

ID: 1260836

6. Make the most of the hot weather

ID: 1260847

7. Drink coffee out of a gravy jug to save on washing up

ID: 1260849

8. Shop for groceries

ID: 1260855

9. Go to a bar to pick up chicks

ID: 1260851

10. Get drunk… Throw themselves at the DJ

ID: 1260853

11. Hug their bear… When no-one is looking

ID: 1260856

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