The 17 Best Basketball Fan Reaction GIFs

You never know when the camera will pan to you, flailing and cheering like a hyena. So when you’re dressed up and cheering your favorite team, you’ve got to take it to the max. These young bloods know a thing or two about proper fandom.

1. Everyone should be like this kid.

3. You can get a t-shirt involved.

8. Jump up and down.

9. Show the other team who’s boss.

10. Show your pride amongst enemies.

11. Show your beard amongst enemies.

R.I.P. the beard/Thunder jersey combo.

12. Catch them looking.

13. Raise your fist in triumph.

Yes, that’s Bill Simmons.

14. Turn into a crazy penguin.

And yes, that’s Mark Cuban.

17. And remember to go ALL OUT.

International basketball not required for bright green jacket and sausage.

Here’s a few more moves to get excited about, courtesy of Uncle Drew.

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