11 Reasons Why Outdoor Concerts Are The Absolute Best

It’s time to get back to nature. Pull out all the stops, have an adventure, and let Pepsi help you have a #realbigsummer!

1. First of all, just look at this backdrop!

Jason G. Bahr / Getty Images
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2. That is some mood-setting scenery right there.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
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3. And do you hear nature’s acoustics? They’re near perfect.

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4. Every now and then, the “people watching” at outdoor shows can be more entertaining than the bands performing.

Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

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5. Sometimes there’s some pyro action, which gets everyone fired up.

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6. And fireworks!!!! You bet your bottom dollar you won’t see those indoors!

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7. Even though the lawn might seem a bit crowded, there’s always plenty of space to chill out, catch a few rays, and relax.

Strakey / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: smoovey
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8. Like, you could probably even hula hoop if you wanted to.

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9. Because there’s so much room for activities, musicians tend to pull out all the stops.

John Shearer / Getty Images
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10. Which leads to stuff like this happening:

Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images
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11. And when you get in on the action, you can really feel the wind in your hair. Which is the best feeling in the world.

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Stuck inside? No worries! You can still enjoy Pepsi’s Summer Solstice concert on 6/21 — Four outdoor concerts across the country from sunrise to sunset! Be sure to check out the livestream on Vevo.com featuring Timeflies, Kid Ink, Prince Royce, and more!

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