14 Underrated Places You’ll Really Want To Move To

Ready for a change of scenery? Pack up a Penske truck and start a new chapter in your life in some of the country’s best-kept secrets.

1. Eugene, OR

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This town is just as cool as Portland without all the big-city noise. It’s a great place for you to do you. As long as “you” trade in your hybrid for an eco-friendly bicycle.

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2. Burlington, VT

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With an extremely vibrant downtown, the Lake Champlain waterfront, and several breweries, there’s always something to do in Burlington.

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3. Provincetown, MA

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This tiny beach town is full of upscale boutiques, cool restaurants, and an amazing LGBT district.

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4. Sun Valley, ID

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This small town is perfect for skiing, snow boarding, and hot toddies. But it’s not just a winter resort town. It’s a vibrant place full of shops and art galleries for a more leisurely day-to-day.

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5. Asbury Park, NJ

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This waterfront town is what Jersey is really all about. Hang out by the beach, walk the boardwalk, or check out a concert and some bowling at Asbury Lanes!

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6. Portland, ME

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This super-hip city in southern Maine is equal parts artsy, nature-y, and all-around cool. Check out the Portland Museum of Art or eat at one of the many amazing seafood restaurants.

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7. Fort Collins, CO

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FoCo is one of the best hybrids of college students and cowboys. It’s a super-friendly town with more microbreweries than you can count.

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8. Athens, GA

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This small, eccentric college town is home to lots of amazing restaurants and a totally cool music scene.

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9. Marfa, TX

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This small, artsy town in Texas has no shortage of activities. There are tons of art galleries as well as the Marfa Film Festival.

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10. St. Augustine, FL

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This sunny town is the oldest continuously occupied European-established one in the country. It’s got history. It also has beautiful beaches, eclectic restaurants, and a variety of animal parks that feature the coolest of the Floridian wildlife.

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11. Avalon, CA

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This beach town has the largest population on Catalina Island. But it’s one of the smallest towns of this list. Avalon has a great community of artists who enjoy scuba diving, hiking, and sailing over to Los Angeles from time to time.

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12. Asheville, NC

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This southern town has a great mix of history and outdoor activities, including hiking and hot air ballon rides. This is also the perfect place to view the changing of the leaves in the fall.

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13. Grand Rapids, MI

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Located on the grand river about 25 miles from Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids houses some awesome architecture. It’s a great place to be in the winter for ice skating or the summer for fishing.

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14. Milwaukee, WI

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The unsung gem of the Midwest, this little city offers everything from an eclectic music scene to the House of Harley-Davidson.

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