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    • pennyf

      Here is what I know about the allergy thing vs. the intolerance. A true allergy means you are going to have a full body reaction that is going to need some kind of medical intervention. A intolerance is a mild thing at best. With that said however there are a lot of people claiming to be intolerant of wheat that aren’t. I however have a pork allergy that sends me to the ER. I general don’t have to ask places to special order my food. I am careful about what I order. However if I see that my salad would have bacon on, I can ask that not have and there is a allergy button on it and be kept off. I would never do this with a order of something more detailed. But asking for it being kept off a burger, or a salad is okay. Somethings actually need to be made the way it is for taste. You can’t just ask for stuff to be removed because you don’t like peppers, or onions. Good lord try something new to your diet you might like it, specially if there is no reason that it won’t kill you.