• Loincloths

    The flip-flops are a nice “hodgepodge” touch.

  • Stilts

    Winning combination: top hat, hot pants, and stilts.

  • Head-to-Toe Balls

  • Doll Parts

  • Monochromatic Body Paint (with Umbrella Hat)

  • Furry Moon Boots

    Putting on a pair of these makes you instantly eligible as an extra in a White Zombie video.

  • Get your “fluffies” here.

  • Nipple Paint

    These two are like the dream Burning Man couple. They’ve got that post-pagan-orgy glow.

  • Nude (with Bicycle Accessory)

    This ensures that there’s no bike-stealing happening on-site.

  • I’ve got this photo in hi-res if anyone wants it as their desktop background.